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Sean Bryant, our fearless leader, welcomes you to the Cheatlist Photo website.

This website is dedicated to solving the "What do these guys look like?" question that my be bothering some of you. However, not all the Cheatlist staff and members are featured here. Only the people who were willing to submit a picture for your viewing pleasure.
What's new?

This area is to let you all know the status of the site... i.e. What new pics and/or features have been added since the last time you were here.

6/13/02   Created
6/13/02   Added all the pics currently available.
6/13/02   Added information as needed.
6/25/02   Added some more pics, and added a new IRC Photo Page.
6/25/02   Fixed half of the guestbook problems.
6/26/02   D_O_A was recruited to help with the more technical areas of the website. Thanks DOA.
6/28/02   With DOA's help...Fixed all the other problems and suped the rest of the site up a bit.
7/12/02   I added a few new pics and a new page. I finally got a pic of me.
Your creators for this site...

...are Darius Thorne (DT). If you don't know who I am then you should get away from the Off Topic Forum once and a while. I moderate the D2/D2:LOD General Discussion Forum along side apocalypse.
...and D_O_A. He's an Admin at CLF. If you don't know who he is, that might be a good thing. Hehe
I decided to create this site and dedicate it to pictures of the CLF staff, Veterans, senior members, and just about anyone who is fairly well known around the forums and IRC. I hope you enjoy it.
Thank you for choosing Cheatlist.

The Guestbook:

After you sign the Guestbook, come back here and click the link to see who else has signed it.

Guestbook Signatures

Darius Thorne:
Cheatlist Psychiatrist
Website Creator
and all around great guy.

Sorry about the pic of Sigmund Freud, but I don't have a smaller pic of me. If you want to see me, check out Photo Page 4.

Check out the CLF Staff Photo Page